July 19, 2021

Down the Rabbit Hole We Go!

Hi Friends,

     Our latest episode, Through The Looking Glass was released today! This is the S3 finale that drops not one, but two bombs on us! 

Tell us what you thought of Season 3 and we may read your response on air!

Not only that, but there is still time to get in on our S3 giveaway.

It's pretty easy to enter:

You can find one of our designated giveaway posts on our social media platforms (FB, IG, or Twitter) and follow the directions in the caption. This will earn you one entry per post.


You can make any monetary contribution on our donation page. Each donation will earn you two entries!

Contest will run through August 4, 2021. All posts must remain up and public until that time for verification.


As always, 

'You're good enough, you're smart enough, and doggone it, people like you'

Agnes & Lisa <3